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Today it was all about the upcoming Renaissance Festival! Jame Haeuser wanted everyone to know the Ren Fest will be going strong despite the flooding. She said they are ready for big crowds and lots of fun starting on the 5th. Find out more on their website here Ren Fest .





Lake Loot


Q: Almost 1 out of 3 Halloween costumes for women are labeled with this word. What word?

A: Sexy!

Winner: Patricia Barranco from Slidell!

Kid’s Only Loot

Q: Halloween is the #1 day for Free candy and also the #1 day for THIS! What?

A: Property crime

Winner: Brennan Camet from Madisonville!


Q: In one year, enough of THESE are sold for every man, woman and child to have 40 each. What is it?

A: Donuts.

Winner: Michelle Nazar from Mandeville!


Q: 1/3rd of single people say it is a deal breaker if a couple doesn’t have similar tastes in THIS. What is it?

A: TV Shows.

Winner: “English” Mike Carr from Bush


Q: The average person will only use 2 out of 5 of these that they own. What?

A: Articles of clothing

Winner: Stacy Vinti from Covington!


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