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Today we had Habitat for Humanity and 30 by Ninety in the studio. First up were Jen and Leighanne from Habitat. They talked about all the different ways you can incorporate them into the end of your year, from volunteering to shopping in their Re-Store. Connect with them online here HABITAT.







30 by Ninety was next and they sent over Chris Young. We learned a little bit about Chris and his role in the play, going on now, which is The Jeweler’s Shop. Thanks to Chris for the visit and get your tickets here 30 by Ninety.







Lake Loot


Q: Who has been named the “creepiest ” movie character of all time?

A: Norman Bates

Winner: Reed Long from Pearl River!

7:15 Kids Only Loot

Q: At the time of his death Hans Langseth had one of these that was 17 1/2 feet long! What?

A: Longest beard

Winner: Bailey Sadowski from Covington!


Q: The smallest one of these was only 4 inches tall. What?

A: Dog. It was a Yorkie.

Winner: Chrissy Sandifer from Folsom!


Q: Irvin Gordon has a world record that involves 3 million of these. What?

A: Miles. He clocked up his three-millionth mile in his 1966 Volvo 1800S while driving south of Anchorage.

Winner: Lacy Blanchard from Pearl River!


Q: How many seedless grapes did a man from India stuff in his mouth in November 2015?

A: 88

Winner: Logan Shar from Covington!




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