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Today we talked Chopped Jr with a local who is a contestant on tomorrow night’s show Ella Petitto. Yay Ella!  She is an eighth grade honor student at Fontainebleau who has studied at Culinary Kids in Mandeville for more than four years. Find out more about her in the interview below.






Our friend Kathy Busco was here from Hospice Foundation of the South. They have their 8th Annual Wine and Dine event this week at Benedict’s Plantation. You can connect with them online here HOSPICE FOUNDATION OF THE SOUTH.








Lake Loot


Q: Now a days one in five women will lie to men they just met about this. What?

A: Their name

Winner: Britney Hodges from Hammond!

7:15 Kids Only

Q: After London, identify the second most populated city in Great Britain.

A: Birmingham

Winner: Hannah Dickerson from Covington!


Q: The state of South Carolina borders how many other states? Name them.

A: North Carolina and Georgia

Winner: Kim Jameson from Franklinton!


Q: 1/4th of singles now say they won’t date someone who doesn’t do THIS. What?

A: Vote

Winner: Suzanne Seleski from Covington!


Q: Your______ is over 2000 times dirtier than your smartphone. What?

A: Your car!!

Winner: Miranda Monteleone from Hammond!



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