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Tim Lentz was in the studio this morning. Issues on his mind included getting out to vote, Rotary’s Feeding the Needy, and the Covington PD’s own memorial toy drive that is right around the corner. Find out more in the letter below or listen to that Chief Lentz had to say in the interview.  If you want to donate a toy or money call Tammy at 892-8500.





From the Covington Police Department:


The Annual Caroline Darby Memorial Christmas Wish for 2016, formerly known as Toys for Tots, is getting under way with the Covington Fraternal Order of Police Lodge # 43. It’s that time of season again, when children are looking forward to, and getting excited, about the arrival of Santa Claus. Unfortunately, there are children that will not receive anything for Christmas unless the community steps forward with donations of toys or money.
Last year the Caroline Darby Memorial Christmas Wish put a smile on the faces of over 500 children in the Covington area that are less fortunate than others. We are asking for the community to assist us with the donation of new toys or monetary donations. Please help us in assuring the unprivileged children in our area have a Merry Christmas. Our tentative distribution date is Saturday December 10, 2016 9am-12pm at the Greater Covington Center, 317 N Jefferson St., any donation that you can assist us with will be greatly appreciated.

Lt. Douglas Wade Sharp Memorial Fraternal Order of Police Lodge # 43

Please make checks payable to: FOP Lodge # 43 and mail donations to:

Covington Police Department
FOP Lodge # 43
PO Box 522
Covington LA 70434

For more information or if you need toys picked up, please call 985-892-8500 and ask for Tammy Bushnell.
Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas


We were also visited by two ladies representing 30 by Ninety Theatre. They are headed into their final weekend for “The Jeweler’s Shop”. You can still get tickets on their website. Thanks to Emily Stoehr and Evette Randolph for the visit.







Election Day “I Voted” Selfies

We asked you to submit your voting selfies. Here are a few! Winners announced tomorrow…






Lake Loot


Q: On average a woman will do this 11 times today.

A: Reapply their lipstick

Winner: Mayvon Porter from Mandeville!


Q: According to a new study, it’ll take you 18 minutes to make a decision about this. What?

A: What to watch on Netflix!!

Winner: Brenden Dauterive from Covington!


Q: For most of us there are only 3 days a month we do not do THIS… What?

A: Spend money!

Winner: Suzanne Carboni from Mandeville!


Q: 15 years ago we did this all the time. Now we almost never do it. What is it?


Winner: Shannon Dufour from Mandeville!


Q: The average person consumes 24 lbs of THIS per year.

A: Coffee.

Winner: Stephanie Reno from Covington!

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