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Today we spoke to Dena Grosart and Paul Stich from The Samaritan Center about Empty Bowl, which is this Sunday. They want to give a big shout out to their sponsors: Mandeville Rotary, Cleco, Marie Rudd, Cintas, Rick Dennie, Latter and Blum in Mandeville, BOH Environmental, Resource Bank and Rest a While in Old Mandeville. Hear what they said below.







St Tammany Parish Hospital was also with us today. We spoke about Veteran’s Day and a special 3 part program the hospital employs to salute our Vets. Listen to Amanda Paxton and Jeff Sims talk about it below.







Finally we got to hear from Christine with The Shack in Covington. She talked menu, drinks and fun for the kids. Learn more about them in the interview below.




Lake Loot


Q: More than HALF of us have left a store because we disliked THIS. What is it?

A: The holiday music the store was playing

Winner: Holly Parker from Mandeville

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: Which chess piece can only move diagonally?

A: The bishop.

Winner: Bailey and Braylan Vanas from Mandeville!


Q: On average a woman keeps THIS for 12 years. What is it?

A: The same hair stylist

Winner: Shumaine Duffy from Mandeville!


Q: According to a new study, this is the #1 thing that distracts us at work. What?

A: Noisy co-workers!

Winner: Christine Desposito from Mandeville!


Q: A new study says that if your parents were bad at this you probably are too. What is it?

A: Driving

Winner: Sherri Tardiff from Pearl River!

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