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John Baldwin was here today with the Rotary’s Feed the Needy program. He was promoting an event coming up November 22, when Governor Edwards will join them at St Pauls. Find out more in the interview below.





We also got some great photos for last weekend’s volleyball games… Congrats to PJP!



Lake Loot


Q: When asked what fruit or vegetable reminded them of their husband 1 in 3 women said this. What?

A: Potato

Winner: Faith Lagarde from Bush!


Q: THESE actually have more vitamin C than oranges. What?

A: strawberries

Winner: Killian Myers from Slidell!


Q: 1 in 3 Americans said that they aren’t doing this today. What is it?

A: Cooking dinner

Winner: Sarah Langevin from Slidell!


Q: 11 Billion of these are sold each year but you’ll probably gets yours for free. What?

A: Ketchup packets

Winner: Ashley Hunt-Eskine from Mandeville!


Q: It’s estimated that Americans only do this half as much as we did in 1976.  What?

A: Cook at home.

Winner: Beth Teas from Mandeville!

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