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No guests today but we had fun playing Lake Loot. Answers and winners are below. Tomorrow we’ll have Sportsman’s Warehouse and the Ren Fest in the studio. Tune in!



Lake Loot


Q: Liver is the most hated food…what’s #2?

A: Lima Bean

Winner: Melissa Barras from Pearl River!


Q: This time of year the average kid under the age of 12 is willing to do this for about 37 seconds. What?

A: Sit on Santa’s lap

Winner: Mary Doyle from Mandeville!


Q: 40% admit we take things off our co-workers’ desks without permission. If we do, this is the #1 item taken. What?

A: Sticky Notes

Winner: Karly Seagrave from Mandeville!


Q: Almost 1/4 of us ate this yesterday, on a Sunday. What?

A: A Bowl of Cereal

Winner: Ree Savarino from Covington!


Q: Researchers are now studying THIS to figure out how old you are, your sex and even your political views. What?

A: Your tweets

Winner: Casey Cole from Slidell!

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