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Today we welcomed Jamie and Paolo from the Ren Fest. Paolo is a talented juggler, fire eater and more. You can catch him out of the Ren Fest this weekend. Find out more about him HERE.






Lake Loot


Q: According to statistics this type of item is the most commonly shoplifted over the holidays. What?

A: Electronics accessories!

Winner: Donna Sciortino from Mandeville!


Q: A 2008 review of this novel, later filmed, compared it to ‘Battle Royale’ & said it’s “a future we can fear.”

A: The Hunger Games

Winner: Adrian Tresch from Covington!


Q:  If the President and Vice President should die, resign, or otherwise become unable to continue in office, what political position would assume the office of President of the United States, and who currently holds that position?

A: Speaker of the House; Paul Ryan

Winner: Tim Moray from Pearl River!


Q: According to a new study, 4 out of 10 of us say THIS is our most important daily need. What?

A: Wifi

Winner: Amy Dutch from Slidell!


Q: Before they were sold nationally, this classic breakfast treat was tested in Cleveland in 1963.

A: Pop-Tarts

Winner: Lisa Goforth from Mandeville!

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