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Our first guests today were Caitlin Picou and Brittany Tilman from Kismet Cosmetics. That business is featured tomorrow night on CNBC’s Billion Dollar Buyer. Find out more about the show HERE  Find out more about the business HERE






We also began our 12 Days of Christmas. Day 1 is below…



Margaret came by to talk with us too. Hear her below







Lake Loot


Q: Almost half of all couples end up disagreeing about how to do THIS. What is it?

A: How to load the dishwasher

Winner: Jay Blair from Folsom!

7:15 Kids Only Loot

Q: No capes!

A: The Incredibles

Winner: Liam Embree from Ponchy!


Q: 1-in 5 men will own THIS for over 10 years. What?

A: Underwear

Winner: Chris Kobrock from Mandeville!


Q: Cleaners say THIS object at the office collects the widest amount of germs. What?

A: Coffee machine button.

Winner: Darren Miller from Covington!


Q: This character in Home Alone wasn’t used to acting in family friendly movies and often cursed on set. Who is it?

A: Joe Pesci who played Harry

Winner: Mark Price from Slidell!

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