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We had some talented young people in this morning from 30 by Ninety. Elania Bachman and Matthew Sonnier are in the cast of the Nutcracker, which opens this weekend. Find out more or get your tickets through their website HERE 






We also spoke to our friend Jen Messina from Habitat for Humanity St Tammany West. Connect with them HERE





Rebecca Lee was in the studios today to talk up True Body Meals. This is a neat program that will help you eat healthier food. Check them out HERE.  







And we talked with Jessica from Champion Trailers as part of Day 3 for our 12 Days of Christmas. Hear what she had to say below. Hear Elvis the Elf talk about them at the below that.





Lake Loot


Q: In the Unites States, enough of these are made in a year for every man, woman, and child to have 40 each…?

A: Donuts

Winner: Jim Handley from Pearl River!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: The average kid does THIS about 100 times a year. What?

A: Eats Cereal

Winner McKenzie Laurent from Folsom!


THIS was recently voted the #1 most favorite tv theme song of all time?

Answer: Fresh Prince of Bellaire

Winner: Catherine Lee from Covington!


Q: Who is the highest selling solo performer in U.S. history?

A: Garth Brooks

Winner: Vinnie Robinson from Slidell!


Q: When you buy one of these, it’s at least 10 years old.

A: It’s a Christmas tree.

Winner: Desire Waguespack from Lacombe!

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