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Today we had Annie in from Northshore Dermatology for Day 9 of our 12 Days of Christmas. She wanted to talk about Dr. Tabor and everything the staff at NS Derm can do for you. Learn more on their website HERE or check out the interview below… You can hear Elvis talking about ’em below that.







DA Warren Montgomery was in the studios this morning. We talked Veteran’s Court, technology and about his plans for the Christmas break. Thanks to the DA for his time. He said info will be online soon at the new Vet’s Court HERE. 



And our friends from STPH were in today. Amanda brought along Louise Dill, who told us about a new program called NICHE. This is a nationwide initiative to help nurses learn how to work in an effective and positive manner with an aging population. Hear more below.



Lake Loot


Q: According to a new survey, this is the most stressful part of Christmas Shopping.


A: Parking!

Winner: September Jacobson from Destrehan!

7:15 Kid’s Loot

Q: If the sales tax on a product rises by 1/4 %, and this tax increase causes you to pay an extra $10 on a purchase, what was the original price of the item?

A: $4,000

Winner: Izzy Pate from Mandeville! (But I need them to call us again!)


Q: What food is made from vegetable oil, egg yolks, and lemon juice, and is possibly named after a town in Spain?

A: Mayo

Winner: Manuel Mantrana from Slidell!


History records that for 5,000 years people have been eating this vegetable, although most people would consider it a fruit. The largest one ever grown weighed 262 pounds. What is it?

A: Watermelon

Winner: Joe Terrill from Slidell!


Q: What U.S. state shares the longest border with a foreign country? What state is second?

A: Alaska, with Canada, 1,538 miles followed by Texas, with Mexico, 1200 miles

Winner: Paige Souza from Abita!

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