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Today we started with Mayor Greg Lemons from Abita Springs. He has all kinds of things going on in Abita and we enjoyed talking to him. Hear what he had to say below…






We spoke to Heather from Assunta’s too. Assunta’s would be a great place for your holiday parties or maybe an event in 2017. Find them online HERE





We also spoke to Michael Finley and AJ Magnuson from Camellia City Glass. They do quality, custom glass work and can be found online HERE. 




Here is Elvis talking about them…



Lake Loot

Q: We do THIS 80% less on weekdays than on weekends.
A: Smile
Winner: Isabella Rogers from Madisonville!
Q: Find a single word related to both of these clues: for example… Football, direction (Down) a. Baseball, lemonade, 7 letters b. Soccer, fire, 5 letters
A: Pitcher b. Match
Winner: Zavien Kellum from Folsom!
Q: The name for what military rank comes from the Latin, meaning to hold in high regard?
A: Admiral
Winner: Krissy Sandifer from Folsom!
Q: Fill in these two blanks with two words which are opposites: Benjamin Franklin said, “There never was a good ______ or a bad ________”
A: War and Peace
Winner: Jeff Picone from Covington!
Submitted Question
Winner: Regina Lawson from Abita!

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