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Thanks to our guest Robin Porretto from NAMI St Tammany who stopped in today to discuss Christmas Angels. This is program for patients who are hospitalized with behavioral health issues this Christmas. Find out how you can help in the interview below or check them out online HERE. Also want to give a plug for Robin’s show. Find out more in the pic below!






Lake Loot


Q: Instead of a star or an angel, about 5% of Americans put this on top of their tree. What is it?

A: A stuffed animal

Winner: Jim Tweedy from Covington!

7:15 Loot

Q: 7 in 10 Americans have already done this for Christmas this year. What is it?

A: Send at least one Christmas card

Winner: Lou Ann Cox from Diamondhead!


Q: Even though they were made for kids 3 out of 4 adults say they still have something that qualifies as one. What is it?

A: A Piggy Bank

Winner: Julie Rocha from Mandeville!


Q: What movie has come back as America’s favorite Christmas movie?

A: Miracle on 34th Street

Winner: Norma Murray from Slidell!


Q: Women say if they are going to play a sport or a game on a date, this is their favorite one. What?

A: Miniature Golf

Winner: Tiffany Emerson from Slidell!

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