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Our friends from Habitat for Humanity St Tammany West were in studio today. Jennifer and Jeff spoke about their Mardi Gras supplies in the Re-Store and some of their plans for 2017. You can hear what they said below or connect with them online HERE.





Lake Loot


Q: Hope you don’t but the average person will do this 5 times today. What?

A: Frown

Winner: Hannah Martin from Lacombe!


Q: The most popular non-traditional Christmas gift for kids is a puppy. What is number 2 on that list?

A: A trip to Disney

Winner: Isabella Rogers from Madisonville!


Q: The average family nowadays has about 24 of what in their home. What?

A: Gift Cards

Winner: Kimberly Fontan from Covington!


Q: 1 in 3 car owners say they have no idea where this goes in their car. What?

A: Windshield wiper fluid.

Winner: Karen Etheridge from Slidell!


Q: This is the top New Year’s resolution people are making for 2017. What?

A: Save more and spend less

Winner: Julie Gauger from Covington!

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