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We talked Library Con with the Teen Services Coordinator for St Tammany, Jennifer Rifino. She was full of good info about the big event in Madisonville this weekend. Find out more online HERE  and HERE. Thanks to Jennifer for the visit!





We also got to catch up with Nicole Suhre from the STPH Foundation. She and Amanda were promoting the upcoming Gurney Races and more. Connect with them online HERE.






Lake Loot


Q: 1 in 4 women said they would not go to a second date with a guy who wore this on the first. What is it?

A: A sports jersey

Winner: Christine Otillio from Slidell!

7:15 Kid’s Loot

Q: Identify three South American countries whose names begin with A, B, and C.
A: Argentina, Brazil, Chile

Winner: Thomas McDavid from Mandeville


Q: 1 in 5 employers admit they have done THIS, to see if their employees were lying… What is it?

A: Drive by their house to see if they’re really sick.

Winner: Linda Lee from Covington!


Q: According to a new survey, the average American will see one of these 150 times a day.

A: A smartphone

Winner: Missy Atwood from Mandeville!


Q: How is Cookie Monster different from the other Muppets?

A: He has five fingers!

Winner: Julie Bolyard from Mandeville!

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