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Today we were visited by Dr Michelle Newfield and Susan Rossi from Gause Blvd Veterinary Hospital. We talked about all kinds of pet related topics, including the dental health of our pets. You can connect with them HERE.







Lake Loot

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: There are five great circles of latitude that surround the earth horizontally. What are they, starting from the north?

A: Arctic, Cancer, Equator, Capricorn, Antarctic

Winner: No Winner!


Q: 1 in 5 people will do this for at least a half hour at work today. What is it?

A: Absolutely Nothing

Winner: Maleen Dickinson from Covington!


Q: A survey of women who had babies in 2016 said this was the # 1 food they craved during their pregnancy. What?

A:  Nachos

Winner: Rebecca Estain from Mandeville!


Q: This type of business has been around since the 1800’s…but the number of them has more than doubled since 1980.

A:  Restaurants

Winner: Riley, Gabby and Tracy Rauch from Bush!

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