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Today we spoke with Cari from Gnarly Barley.  Here’s what you need to know about their event this Saturday…

It’s Mardi Gras time and Gnarly Barley Brewing cans are here! Be the first to get your hands on 6 packs of Catahoula Common, Radical Rye and Korova Milk Porter at GNARLY GRAS on February 4th! We will be open from 12-5pm. Free entry. All ages are welcome. There is no purchase limit on 6 packs.

MUSIC- We will have a live Mardi Gras style brass band performance by Casey Saba and the Beanstalks

FOOD- Come hungry because we will have plenty of food available to purchase. Crawfish will be provided by Gulf Coast Crawfish Co., Jambalya by Veron Smoked Sausage, Kingcake and Coffee by Coast Roast Coffee and Nonna Randazzo’s Bakery Ponchatoula. We will even have a suggested beer pairing list for Nonna Randazzo’s delicious King Cakes! They’ll be offered by the slice, but you can also purchase a Kingcake to go!


(Sorry but the sound quality in the first half of the interview is not good.)




Gnarly Gras Can Release Party is this Saturday… 12 to 5. 


We also spoke to the Publisher of Edge of the Lake Magazine: Sarah Cottrell. The new issue is out, it looks great, so make sure you find a copy. Find out more in the interview below or HERE.






Lake Loot


Q: 1 out of 5 people refuse to eat this. What?

A: Fruit

Winner: Cooper Bolling from Covington!


Q: Throughout the movie, you can see this character imprinted on Margo’s shirt under her jacket. Who?

A: Dr. Seuss’s Lorax character

Winner: Morgan Evans from Covington!


Q: Studies show that this smell will help people trust you. What is it?

A: Lavender

Winner: Gloria Mascari from Mandeville


Q: 50% of us DO NOT have one of these at their office… What is it?

A: A Friend.

Winner: Kim Billedeaux from Slidell!


Q: The first movie in the franchise is the only Mission: Impossible film where this doesn’t happen. What?

A:  That doesn’t feature any shootouts or gunfights. Ethan Hunt never even fires a gun in the first film.

Winner: Joseph Wilborn from Pearl River!

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