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Ronnie Simpson from STPG was in this morning. He gave us updates on all kinds of things happening in the parish and you can hear him in the interview below. And he talked about the upcoming vote…

The St. Tammany Parish Council tonight approved a resolution to authorize the appearance of two sales tax propositions, the extension and rededication of the reduced Justice Center sales and use tax and the renewal of the reduced Jail sales and use tax, on the April 29, 2017 ballot.The rates of both proposed taxes have been reduced by 20%, and the terms of both proposed taxes have been shortened by 50%. To learn more about the upcoming propositions, please visit, or email questions to






We also welcomed Richard Bently Smith from Coquille. He wanted to let parents know they need to get signed up for baseball. He also told us about the other things going on out at the park.






And… a big shout out to our intern Ben. He is coaching a 5th and 6th grade soccer team and his team won state! Way to go Ben!!!




Lake Loot


Q: Doing this at least once a day has been shown to release stress and improve your mood. What?

A: Hug somebody

Winner: No winner!


Movie clip

Q: Clip

A: Inspector Gadget and Inspector Clouseau

Winner: Matthew Woodson from Madisonville!


Movie Clip

A: Buttermaker and Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh

Winner: Lance Vitter from Mandeville!


Q: When the bat boy tells Crash Davis “Get a hit, Crash”, Kevin Costner ad-libbed the response. What did he say?

A: Shut up

Winner: Kim Guillot from Slidell!


Movie Clip

A: Ronin, Gone in 60 Seconds

Winner: Toni Tulli from Covington!

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