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Our first guest today was Ronny Kastner from the Krewe of Poseidon in Slidell. Ronny said this year’s parade will be even bigger and better than their effort last year. Go see them along the traditional parade route in Slidell. Find out more HERE.





We also spoke to Sandy Legnon with Once Upon a Child in Slidell. This is great resource for people with kids. Find her online HERE.



Lake Loot


Q: 1 in 10 adults say THIS annual event is the most stressful thing they do all year. What is it?

A: Go on vacation

Winner: Jane Cannella from Slidell!

7:15 Loot

Q: Which well-known capital city in Europe has the distinction of being the only one not located on a river?

A: Madrid

Winner: Mason Pausina from Covington!


Q: The average age people stop doing THIS is 31… What?

A: Having birthday parties!

Winner: Justin Lavender from Slidell!


Q: If, after receiving a 20% discount when buying a television set, and after paying 7% tax, you paid $642, what was the original marked price of the TV set?

A: $750

Winner: Joe Terrill from Slidell!


Q:  Until the 18th century, this plant was grown for its beauty, but not eaten, since it was believed to be poisonous. Today it can be found in tossed salads and all kinds of meals. Which plant is this?

A: Tomato

Winner: Chrissy Kupar from Covington!

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