We had a miracle in the studio this morning. That miracle was Avery Brink, who was sick and is now on the road to recovery. Her mom, Carmen, joined her as we talked a little about their journey. You can find out more about this amazing story HERE on Facebook. Thanks to all who have helped this family!







Today we also spoke to Tim Lentz from Covington’s Police Department. Chief Lentz talked Mardi Gras and Operation Angel among other things. Check out his interview below.



And I’m just now getting to post some pics from the Krewe of Poseidon. We had a blast!




Lake Loot


Q: 175 million of these are sold in the U.S. each year.

A: Girl Scout Cookies

Winner: Lauren Palmisano from Slidell!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: All rocks can be separated into three families. What are they?


Winner: Kate Meyer from Madisonville!


Q: What is the world’s oldest sport that uses a ball?

A: Polo

Winner: Holly Meyer from Covington!


Q: This city has such a pleasant climate that it’s sometimes called theSunshine City. This city is also nicknamed the Winter Baseball Capital of the U.S. Which city is this?


Winner: Jenny Roth from Slidell!


Q: What was the name of these two popular films: the remake from 1991 of the original film from 1950. The original starred Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor. What’s the title?

A: Father of the Bride

Winner: Alex Pounds from Bush!

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