Our first guests this morning were from St Tammany Parish Hospital. Michael Sanchez joined Amanda Paxton to talk cardiac rehab at STPH. Find out more in the interview below.






We also spoke with Tony LeMon about his work with the DA’s Office. Learn about what he does in the interview below.




Lake Loot


Q: More than a third of women agree that a man, who wears THIS looks uncool. What is it?

A: Bluetooth

Winner: Isabella Rogers from Madisonville!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: This organ in the human body, about the size of your fist, is located behind the stomach. Its most important function is filtering foreign substances from the blood, as well as helping the body fight infections. What is the name of this organ?

A: Spleen

Winner: Nina Lombardi from Mandeville!


Q: The color chartreuse is basically a combination of which two colors?

A: Green and yellow

Winner: Adrian Robinson from Mandeville!


Q: Which planet in our solar system has the shortest day – making one rotation about its axis approximately every 10 hours?

A: Jupiter

Winner: Michelle Nazar from Mandeville!


Q: Name the three elements found in greatest percentage in the human body.


Winner: Laura Andrews from Slidell!

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