Amanda brought in Teresa Krutzfeldt from Critical Care Services at STPH. Teresa gave us an update on the Emergency Room. Hear them below.






We also spoke with Volunteers of America NOLA this morning. Thanks to Sarah, Lori and Ashley for the visit. We talked golf, nice cars, and adoption. See what they are up to in the interview below.





Then we got to talk NS parades with John from the Krewe of Orpheus. John was joined by Jessica from the Mande Milkshakers. Hear what they said below….




And we got to hear from Lisa with the Children’s Museum of St Tammany. Lisa had some updates and wanted to promote an upcoming event. Hear her below!






Lake Loot


Q: If you have a collection of 80 CDs. If 40 percent of her CDs are rap, and the rest are country, how many country CDs does you have?

A: 48

Winner: Kinsey Moran from Madisonville!


Q: What is the approximate distance from the surface fo the earth to the center of the earth? Closer to 4,000, 7,000 or 10,000 miles?

A: 4,000 miles

Winner: Sofia Eversgerd from Mandeville!


Q: Sometimes identified with the sun, who is the Greek god of prophecy, music, medicine, and poetry?

A: Apollo

Winner: Herve Lara from Slidell!


Q: What are the names of the two tunnels passing under the Hudson river, connecting New York City with New Jersey?

A: Lincoln and Holland

Winner: Lou Gomez from Mandeville!


Q: What is the only U.S. state capital city named after a Biblical character?


Winner: Jennifer Dauzat from Slidell!

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