Today we welcomed Jenn and Jeff from Habitat for Humanity St Tammany West. They wanted to promote the St Tammany Home-ownership Center. You can find out more in the interview below…







We also chatted with Cody Ludwig about the upcoming St Patricks Parade and Celebration in Covington. It is happening March 11th and will kick off at noon at the Tap Room. Find out more about it HERE!






Lake Loot


Q: Over your lifetime you’ll go through about 100 feet of THIS. What?

A: Fingernails

Winner: no winner!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: Which one of the five Great Lakes is highest above sea level, and also deepest?

A: Lake Superior

Winner: Gavin and Aiden Blackwell from Mandeville


Q: You can travel from California to Nebraska by passing through only two states. What are they?

A: Arizona and Colorado

Winner: Michael Efferson from Covington!


Q: If you want to identify this U.S. state capital city and its state name, you must use 4 four letter words. What is it?

A: Salt Lake City Utah

Winner: Susan Boesch from Folsom!


The slowest-moving fish looks so interesting that it is represented in Greek mythology. What is it?

A: Sea Horse

Winner: Margaret Casey from Mandeville!

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