Our guests in studio today included Sheriff Randy Smith. He was here to talk about a unch of topics including how Mardi Gras went, the local liter initiative and his Highway Enforcement Unit. Thanks to Sheriff Smith for the visit. You can reach out to him online HERE.






Also in studio this morning was Ronnie Simpson from STPG. Ronnie talked about the pier, which has now reopened, and lots of other great things going on in St Tammany. Find out more in the interview below.





And then we spoke to Richard and Heather from Coquille. Connect with them online HERE.





Lake Loot


Q: Married couples are 3 times as likely to argue about this subject at night, compared to any other time of the day. What is it?

A: Their jobs

Winner: No winner!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: The British Union Jack can be found in the flag of which US state?

A: Hawaii

Winner: Veronica Fuchich from Slidell!


Q: A survey of newly retired people said this was the #1 thing they wished they had done more when they were younger. What?

A: Dated more

Winner: No Winner!


Q: If all the U.S. state capitals were listed in alphabetical order, the first and last on the list would be capitals of bordering states. Can you name them?

A: Albany and Trenton

Winner: Jason Ludlow from Slidell!


Q: These two cities are about 30 miles apart but have combined their metropolitan areas and now total 10,000 square miles, the fourth largest metropolitan area in the country, after NY, LA, and Chicago. Which two cities are these?

A: Washington DC and Baltimore

Winner: Randi Mercier from Abita!


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