Today’s first guests were Lynette Savoie and Sgt Trinity Graves. They were here to talk about the golf tournament that will benefit STOPS. Find out more in the interview below!



stops pic


And we spoke to James Shields and Kathy Nastasi from St Joseph’s Abbey. They have the Monk Run coming up and this year will be better than ever. Find out more HERE.




st joe pic


Top 5 Nature Pics!


(OK we had some professional photogs hanging out with us but even though their stuff was awesome we didn’t let them win!!!)

Not a winner because she’s a pro but dang…


lana 6


5:  Snake in bathroom window…

num 5


num 4

3: Another pro…

num 3


num 1

And here is our nature Lake Loot WINNER!!!  (DM us address on FB)

num 2


Lake Loot


Q: 60% of us have this in our cars right now.  What?

A: An umbrella.

Winner: Alex Nowlin from New Orleans!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: The artist, Rembrandt, painted 64 portraits of what famous historical figure?

A: Himself.

Winner: Clara and Ben Buisson from Mandeville!


Q: Women listed the top 3 things that can RUIN their day.  #1-an argument with their significant other, #2-an obnoxious co-worker…what is #3?

A:  When clothes fit too tight.

Winner: Erin Folse from Abita!


Q: The #1 complaint from women about shopping is poor service.  What is it from men?

A: Parking.

Winner: Christine Desposito from Mandeville!


Q: 1 in 5 men admit they have lied to their significant other recently about THIS. What is it?

A: How they spent the tax refund!

Winner: No winner!

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