John Lonardo was back from the Giving Hope Retreat with the New Orleans Mission. They have two events coming up in the near future, one helps homeless vets the other targets trafficking. Help out if you can. Connect with them HERE.





We also spoke to Stephanie and Chris about the NS Heart Walk which is coming up this weekend. You can find out more in the interview below.





Lake Loot


Q: If you do this in your email subject line, your chance of getting a response drops by 1/3rd. What?

A: Make a typo

Winner: Kinsey Moran from Madisonville!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: Can you name three US states whose spellings contain either the letters X or Z?


Winner: Jack Trahan from Mandeville!


Q: Women are twice as likely as men to DO THIS in a text message. What?

A: Use Emojis

Winner: Jennifer Ross from Slidell!


Q: About 1 in every 25 people have this in common when it comes to their hair.

A:  They are natural red-heads.

Winner: Dawn Brassette from Covington!


Q: Just over 1-in-10 dog owners have purchased this for their pet.

A: Pet insurance

Winner: Kathleen Roulle from Abita!

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