Today we had Christine from The Shack and Jamie Andrepont from the Northshore Food Bank. Tomorrow The Shack is donating a portion of their proceeds to the food bank. Go eat some good food and help out. Connect with the food bank HERE. You can find out about The Shack HERE. 







Lake Loot


Q: So yesterday was Tuesday and people do this on Tuesday more than any other day of the week. What is it?

A: Eat at home

Winner: Dana Palo from Covington!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: The decathlon consists of ten events, 6 of which are running and jumping; the other four make use of physical objects. What are the objects?

A: Shot put, discus, pole vault, javelin

Winner: Chase St. Germain from Mandeville!


Q: Of all the households in the U.S. that have one of these, over half of them don’t have one that actually works. What is it?

A:  Flashlight

Winner: Lisa DeValcourt from Covington!


Q: One company has sold millions of these every day since the 1950’s.  The product hasn’t changed much and you’ve probably used them in school, at work and at home. What is it?

A:  Bic pens

Winner: Lisa Fonseca from Slidell!


Q: A girl learns how to do this task by age 16.  The average guy won’t do it until he’s 25. What is it?

A:  Iron clothes

Winner: Shellie Marquize from Folsom!

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