Today we welcomed three young people from Woodlake Elementary for Pelican Palooza. Carmella, Logan and Mateo want to see you out on the Mandeville Lakefront starting at 2 tomorrow.







Lake Loot


Q: Of all the fears people have, a fear of snakes is the most common followed by THIS. What?

A: Public Speaking

Winner: James Silvestri from Madisonville!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: Devised about 100 years ago to simulate the skills required of a 19th century cavalry soldier, the modern pentathlon comprises what five sports?

A: Swimming, Running, Horseback Riding, Piston Shooting, Fencing

Winner: Steven Myers from Mandeville!


Q: Talking about celebs who grew up in New Orleans. This one “ingloriously” left Holy Cross as a sophomore before going on to hold court on television. Who is it?

A: John Larroquette

Winner: Terri Hughes from Madisonville!


Q: 1 in 10 men have a picture of THIS in their work area. What is it?\

A: Their Truck

Winner: Julie Perriloux from Folsom!


Q: After hearing this performer sing in 1963 one reviewer wrote she was the most dynamic talent to come along since Judy Garland. Who was it?

A: Barbara Streisand

Winner: Stephanie Hotard from Lacombe!

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