Today we had Covington Rotary in the studio to promote Quack-A-Falaya, which is April 22nd. Find out more on their FB page HERE.  Joel Treadwell represented Covington Rotary and Noble Young represented Miracle League NS. Find out more about Miracle League HERE. 






And we got to learn about the Cure JM Foundation. There are kids right here on the NS with this rare condition. Help out by participating in their Golf Tournament or making a donation. Do that HERE.  Thanks to Ragan and Cord Cantrelle for the visit!








Lake Loot


Q: More than 1/3rd of all internet bandwith used in North America is used on THIS… What?

A: Netflix!

Winner: Holly Parker from Mandeville!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: Brazil borders all but two countries of South America. What are they?

A: Chile and Ecuador

Winner: Davin Hodges from Abita

7:15 number 2!!!!

Q: Although it’s the fifth largest state in area (over 120,000 square miles), it contains the least water of any state (233 square miles). Which state is this?

A: New Mexico

Winner: Greta Panzeca from Mandeville!


Q: In a new survey of newlyweds, almost 1 in 5 couples said their first fight was about this. What?

A: Laundry!

Winner: Andrew Dohre from Covington!


Q: 25% of us will leave the house with one of these today and never use it.  What?

A: A gym bag!

Winner: Chelsea Hall from Slidell!


Q: Name the stars of TV’s Mad About You.


Winner: Kristin Blackburn from Covington!

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