Today Preston came by from St Pauls to talk about their Crawfish Cookoff. Get your tix HERE.



And the Northshore Homebuilders Association was here to talk about Parade of Homes, which is coming up. Find out more in the interview below!






Lake Loot


Q: Drivers are doing THIS 15% more than they did 5 years ago. What is it?

A: Honk their horn

Winner: Sandi Johnson from Mandeville

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: Great Slave and Great Bear are two of the largest … whats? … in Canada?

A: Lakes

Winner: Madeline Balette from Mandeville!


Q: The average person does THIS 20x a day – What is it?

A: Complains

Winner: Earl Folks from Lacombe!


Q: Pi is defined as the ratio of what two measurements?

A: Circumference divided by Diameter of a circle

Winner: Ruthie Potter from Madisonville!


Online… go play on our FB page!!!!

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