Today we had our Mutt Monday with the St Tammany Humane Society. Susie and Ashleigh talked volunteering and summer camps. Find out more in the interview below.



st t humane


We also got to speak with Heidi from the American Cancer Society. She wanted to let everyone know about the East St Tammany Relay for Life this coming Saturday at Heritage Park. All kinds of things will be going on. Find out more in the interview below!






Lake Loot


Q: On the average, each time zone on earth covers how many degrees of longitude around the earth’s circumference?

A: 15 DEGREES, because there are 24 time zones in 360 degrees

Winner: Chad Rooney from Ponchy!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: What two countries come closest to any part of Japan?

A: Russia and South Korea

Winner: Joshua Quarterman from Mandeville!


Which two people signed the U.S. Constitution on 9/17/1787, and later became U.S. Presidents?


Winner: Chloe Vazquez from Lacombe!


Q: What is the biggest holiday of the year for florists in this country?

A: Mother’s Day

Winner: Missy Atwood from Mandeville!


Q: 1 in 3 families admit to fighting about this on vacation. What is it?

A: Sleeping Arrangements

Winner: Tina Bonnafons from Slidell!

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