Today Dr. Gary Agena, Courtney Threeton and Tammy Kraft were in to talk about Crawfish and Roses. It is coming up May 6th and you can find out more in the interview below.





We also spoke with Leighanne and Danielle from St Tammany West Habitat for Humanity. Find out what they’re up to in the interview below.






Lake Loot


Q: Women are 5 times more likely to purchase this product than a guy is. What is it?

A: Lotion

Winner: Christi Lovell from Covington!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: Let’s say a quarter, 25 cents, has the same weight as two pennies. If a kilogram of quarters is worth $50, then what is a kilogram of pennies worth?

A: $4.00 / One kg of quarters contains 200 coins ($50 in quarters), so kg of pennies contains 400 pennies = $4)

Winner: Benjamin Montgomery from Mandeville!


Q: A piece of rope 7 feet 3 inches long is cut into two parts so that one piece is 3 times as long as the other. How long is the longer section, in feet and inches?

A: 5 feet 5.25 inches

Winner: Michelle Newfield from Covington!


Q: Released in 1969, what was the title of the Beatles’ last studio-recorded album?

A: Abbey Road

Winner: Vinny Robinson from Slidell!


Q: Years ago there were two major-league baseball stadiums located so close to each other, that people could easily walk between them. But alas, no more. Which two stadiums were these?


Winner: Chris Whatley from Mandeville!

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