Today on the Lake 94.7 we had Ronnie Simpson in from St Tammany Parish Government. He gave us some updates on local traffic improvements and some of the events coming up. Hear him below.






We also spoke with John Henderson from Covington Rotary. They want you out at the Chimes for Quack-A-Falaya on April 22nd. All proceeds from this fun event go to local charities. Find out more below.






AND we had Sarah Cottrell, Publisher of Edge of the Lake Magazine in the studios this morning to talk about our latest issue. Find your free copy out and about on the NS today! Connect with them on FB HERE.







Lake Loot


Q: Peanut butter is second, but this is the number one smell that kids under 12 say they recognize… What is it?

A: Pizza

Winner: Wendy Snell from Lacombe!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: 1-in-25 Americans have never used this and never plan to if at all possible… What is it?

A: A public restroom

Winner: Justin Trammell from Mandeville!


Q: You’ll peak for this at two different times in your life – at age 23 and again at age 69. What?

A: Happiness

Winner: Kelly Bailey from Mandeville!


Q: Take a diamond and crush it. What color is the dust?

A: Black

Winner: Jared Allen from Slidell!


Q: Half of college students consumed THIS in the past week. What is it?

A: An Energy Drink

Winner: Leona Ratcliff from Covington!



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