Today we had Chief Tim Lentz from the Covington Police Department in the studio. Tim’s Operation Angel was featured in the new edition of Edge of the Lake Magazine. You can check out the magazine HERE. 




cov police


We also spoke to Tim Meilleur from Firehouse Subs. They are making a BIG check presentation in Holden tomorrow for local first responders who got flooded. Thanks to Tim for the visit!



And Kathy Busco was here from Hospice Foundation of the South. Their 14th Annual Crawfish Cook-off will be held April 22nd in Fritchie Park. We’ll have tickets to give away this week! Connect with them on FB HERE. 






Lake Loot


Q: According to people who run dating websites, this is one of the best ways to get more interest in your profile. What is it?

A: Speak a second language

Winner: Suzanne Abney from Slidell!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: The steps of the New York public library are guarded by what animals (in statue form)?

A: Lions

Winner: Madeline Bourgeois from Mandeville!


Q: Which James Bond character said, “Secret Agent? On whose side?”

A: Sheriff J. W. Pepper

Winner: Greg Pier from Slidell!


Q: It happened first in 1893 in New Zealand, later in 1918 in Britain, 1920 in the United States, and only 1971 in Switzerland. What was it?


Winner: Amy Coscarart from Metairie!


Q: Identify three South American countries whose names begin with A, B, and C.

A: Argentina, Brazil, Chile

Winner: Liz Allee from Bush and Kelly Parr from Covington!

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