Today we had Mayor Villere in the studios with his Mayor for a Day Braden. We talked about everything going on in Mandeville and let Braden select our Sweet Soiree winner.






We also spoke to Jo Wilson, from Church of the King. She has a bible study that is collecting bibles for women in prison. Find out more in the interview below.



Generic Bible Flyer


And we got to talk with Danny and Johanna from Milne. Their cafe is open and they want you to come out to see their facility near Covington. Find out more in the interview below.






And our winning SWEET pic for Sweet Soiree was




Lake Loot


Q: Almost 9 out of 10 married couples say occasionally doing this together improves communication and a sense of closeness.

A: Cooking together

Winner: Kathy Walker from Madisonville!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: According to a study 1/3 of the people in Los Angeles and Miami who are receiving a tax refund this year, plan to spend their money on this. What?

A: Plastic surgery

Winner: Carla Shiffer from Covington!


Q: Every hour a toddler does this during the day, they will lose 15 minutes of sleep at night.

A: Screen time

Winner: Brittany Serpas from Slidell!


Q: Just over 70% of married men say they never let their wife near THIS

A: The Grill

Winner: Michael Gowland from Mandeville!


Q: The first microwave ovens were created in which decade: 1970’s, 1960’s, 1950’s, or 1940’s?

A: 50’s

Winner: Amy Lindsley from Lacombe!

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