Today Sheriff Randy Smith stopped in talk about tomorrow’s vote. He wanted everyone to know the importance of the two parish wide initiatives on the ballot. Hear what he said below!





And Richard Bentley Smith was in to also talk about the importance of voting. Richard represents Coquille Park, which wants to continue to grow. Hear him make his case below.





Lake Loot


Q: By the age of 13, 7 out of 10 kids don’t want to do THIS anymore… WHAT?

A: Play sports!

Winner: Colton Gordon from Madisonville

7:15 Kid’s Loot

Q: Holding a shuffled deck of 6 cards, numbered 1 through 6, you deal, face up, four of these cards at random. What’s the probability that the four cards are dealt in descending order, such as 6431?

A: Probability is 1/30, because there are 12 successful ways out of 360 total

Winner: Loki Orth from Covington!


Q: Married couples in their 20’s do this twice as much compared to married couples in their 60’s. What is it?

A: Hold Hands

Winner: Jerri Blake from Covington!


Q: THIS happened 3 million times in the last minute… WHAT?

A: Someone likes something on Facebook!

Winner: Tiffany Carr from Bush!


Q: Half of vehicle owners who have THIS in their car admit they never use it. What is it?

A: Sunroof

Winner: Tish McNamara from Covington!

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