Today was busy and full of good folks doing great things on the NS. Chief Tim Lentz was here to promote their upcoming Kids Camp. Find out more and get your application below!



Covington Police to Host 4th Annual Kids Camp

Chief Tim Lentz announces that the Covington Police Department will be hosting its fourth annual free kids’ camp this summer for Covington area children. The summer camp will focus on challenging children to be safe, live healthy, and enjoy life. Each day will focus on educating the children about different topics in a fun and positive way, such as educational safety, health and fitness, familiarization with local emergency services, along with pet and animal education. The final day of the camp will be a “fun” day, consisting of recreational and water related activities.

This year’s summer camp will be held June 5th through June 9th, from 8:00AM to 12:00PM each day at William Pitcher Junior High School. Families that live in the Covington area and would like to register their children ages 6-13 for the camp need to turn in their completed applications to the Covington Police Department no later than June 1st. Applications can be picked up in person or downloaded from the link below. Parents who have questions about the camp may contact Detective Kevin Collins at (985)892-8500 or


We also got to talk to Chief Chris Kaufman about the Louisiana Veterans Festival. It is this weekend at the NS Harbor Center. The whole day will be filled with good music, food and fun and it all helps the ESTHFH build another house for a deserving veteran. Find out more in the interview below.






Up next was Amy Boothe from the O Spa at Franco’s. They are ready and willing to help you make this a great Mother’s Day. Connect with them online HERE. 






And we finished up a busy morning with Leslie and Jason, talking about the Dragon Boat Races this Saturday in Madisonville. The Lake will have a team this weekend! Find out all about it in the interview below.






Lake Loot


Q: 1/3 of us know someone who has done THIS on vacation. What is it?

A: Left someone behind

Winner: No Winner!

7:15 Kids Loot

In 1804, Lewis and Clark began the first exploration of the American west. They began their journey in St. Louis, and followed which river westward for 1,000 miles ?

A: Missouri River

Winner: Justin Trammell from Mandeville!


Q: Roughly 1/2 of all roadside litter is what?

A: Cigarette Butts

Winner: Heather Wright from Slidell


Q: You’ve all heard the olde English saying, “Mind your P’s and Q’s.” What do the P’s and Q’s refer to?

A: Pints and quarts

Winner: Peggy Godfrey from Slidell!


Q: Someone who wins $1 Million in a lottery, elects to get paid in equal installments over 2 decades, with 28% tax withheld, will take home how much money each month?

A: $36,000/12 = $3,000

Winner: Angela Coakley from Covington!

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