Mayor Mike Cooper came by to update us on local projects and events happening in Covington. Find out what he said in the interview below!





Next we had Lacy and Tom from the St Tammany West Chamber. Tom talked about how the chamber acts as an advocate for local businesses. Hear them below…







AND we had the J-Twins in the studio. These young ladies were representing the Lady Dawgs Basketball Team and wanted to spread the word about their upcoming community garage sale May the 20th in their gym. Find out more in the interview below!







Lake Loot


Q: Some of you are doing it right now. In fact people are 50% more likely to do this when it’s sunny. What is it?

A: Sing in the car

Winner: Christine Clement from Bogalusa!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: What is the earliest letter in the alphabet not found in the spelling of any of the months of the year?

A: K

Winner: Mariah Melerine from Slidell!


Q: What do these names all have in common? Waterloo, Victoria, Paddington, and King’s Cross?

A: Train stations in London

Winner: Vanessa Wall from Covington!


Q: The comic Marx brothers – there were five of them. Two of them were Groucho and Harpo. Can you name the other three?


Winner: Ryan Foret from Covington!


Q: Although this musical instrument has 20 strings, only 6 or 7 of them are plucked. The other 13 or 14 simply vibrate to give resonance. What instrument is this?

A: Sitar

Winner: Steven Wirtz from Covington!

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