Today we had Amanda Paxton and Robert Schoendorf from STPH. Robert works in the Sleep Center and had all kinds of info about sleep disorders and what they can do to help. Find out more below.





We also spoke with Shannon Clipper from Fitzgerald UMC about their Spring Fling this weekend. Shannon wanted to invite everyone out to see them!







Lake Loot


Q: At one time or another 3 out of 4 women have given their husband one of these. What?

A: A “to do” list

Winner: No one!!!!!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: The first major English dictionary, called the Dictionary of the English Language, was issued in 1755 by the person considered the leading English writer of the late 18th century. Who was he?

A: Samuel Johnson

Winner: Allison Malloy from Ponchy!


Q: Name the 3 Movies

A: Princess Bride, Back to the Future, 21 Jump Street

Winner: Sarah Pratt from Covington!


Q: Over 6000 people are injured every year by these. What?

A: Pillows!

Winner: Glen Lacombe from Madisonville!


Q: This small item, designed to hold things together, was invented in 1858, and millions of millions of them have been sold ever since. What is it?

A: Safety Pin

Winner: Lynne Black from Mandeville!

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