We picked a few of the letters and sent Loot to some moms but for our Grand Prize we randomly selected….




Debbie Monjure. Debbie was nominated by Michelle Ehrlich. Debbie is going to get a great gift basket with gifts from our sponsors: Simply Southern Boutique, Columbia Street Mercantile, Delucca’s Jewelry, Franco’s O’Spa, The Villa Boutique, DIY Cabinets, Parish Tractor, Paradise in Columbia Med Spa, Precision Sewing Machines, Bayou Haven Bed and Breakfast, Northshore Dermatology, and Dr Kelly Burkenstock.  Congrats to ALL the moms out there on the NS!!!


Our guests today included Mayor Villere with his Mayor for a Day Thomas. Thanks to both of them for the visit…





We also spoke with Paul Stitch from the Samaritan Center to talk about Stamp Out Hunger event happening on Saturday. If you live in Madisonville or Mandeville you can leave out a bag with non-perishable food items to be picked up by your letter carrier tomorrow.



And we spoke with Amy and Kaycee from the NS Homebuilders Association. Their Parade of Homes runs for the next two weekends. Go see some of their fine homes!



ns home

Lake Loot


Q: Half of us can accomplish THIS in less than 15 minutes?

A: Eat lunch

Winner: Savannah Boothe from Covington!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: Can you name the two states capitals which contain the entire name of the state in their spellings?


Winner: Abigail Martrain from Covington!


Q: 98% of American homes have one of these in it. What is it?

A: A screwdriver

Winner: Billy Wall from Lacombe!


Q: THIS is the number one lie at the office?

A: I’m in a meeting

Winner: Jennifer Dauzat from Slidell!


Q: The average person will do this 5 times at work today. What is it?

A: Think about the weekend

Winner: Yvonne Duhe from Slidell!

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