Thanks to our guests today, Tonya and Jennifer from St Tammany Parish Libraries. Their Summer Reading Challenge is ready to keep the kids sharp while they are out of school. Make sure you take advantage of all the “FREE” benefits your local libraries provide!







Q On average, we eat almost 40% more calories than on a normal day, if we spend part of it at THIS place. Where is it?

A: The movies

Winner: Beverly Muller from Mandeville!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: What is the popular board game of all time.

A: Chess

Winner: Tony Breaux from Madisonville!


Q: In this survey what is voted the most re-watchable movie of all time?

A: Forrest Gump

Winner: No one!


Q: A majority of people believe that you should never, ever do this before 8 a.m.  What?

A: Call someone on the phone

Winner: Michelle Gibson from Covington!


Q: Only 1/3 of us are brand loyal when it comes to this… What is it?

A: An airline

Winner: Katy Jones from Mandeville!

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