Today we had Robin and Don in from the Slidell Jazz and Blues Fest. They are ready to go this weekend and hope you will come out and support them. Find out more HERE or in the interview below….





And George from Elevation Station stopped in to talk about his big party coming up this Saturday.  The party is from Noon till 5. There will be food too. Go join the fun!





Lake Loot


Q: According to a recent poll THIS is the most popular nick name for a Man’s car…

A: The Batmobile

Winner: No Winner!!!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: Can you identify four 2-word phrases, all of which describe ways to break a tie in a sporting event?

A: Extra Innings, Extra Time, Sudden Death, Penalty Kick

Winner: Emerson Olivier from Madisonville!


Q: More people have had a “love at first sight” experience here than anywhere else. Where is here?

A: Wal-Mart

Winner: No winner!


Q: This was voted the number one, worst chore to do… What is it?

A: Cleaning the oven

Winner: Mike Perkins from Slidell!


Q: Guess the instruments..

A: Harpsichord, flute, guitar, xylophone

Winner: Alex Zelaya from Mandeville!

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