Our first guests today were from the Women’s Pavilion at STPH. Agabita and Kathy shared why they think STPH is a good fit for women seeking medical care. Hear more in their interview.





We also spoke with Nick Chetta and Sal Bavido from Northshore FC. This is a new semi-pro soccer team here on the NS. They’ve got lots of talent and will be playing home games at Northlake Christian. You can connect with them online HERE. 







Here’s some pics from yesterday’s big ribbon cutting at El Paso Mexican Grill. Connect with them on their FB page HERE. Rick certainly seemed to enjoy his time there!!!!





Lake Loot


Q: What is the most tweeted about food or drink?

A: Coffee

Winner: Lauren Cloutet from Slidell!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: What is the state and capital with the fewest total letters?

A: Boise, Idaho

Winner: Mason Bazajou from Covington!


Q: Each year nearly 3,000 of these are left on New York Subways. What?

A: Shoes

Winner:  Shery Chaisson from Lacombe!


Q: These are 50% shorter than they were 10 years ago… What are they?

A: Phone calls

Winner: Jason Ludlow from Slidell!


Q: Married women are five times more likely to talk about this, compared to married men. What is it?

A: Their marriage

Winner: Dawn Hope from Slidell!


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