Today our guests were Karen and Tanya, who were here to tell us about Cruisin for a Cause, which is going to be at the NS Harbor Center June 4th. All kinds of cars, plenty of food and drink, and lots of your friends, will all be on hand so come out and join the fun!







Remote Broadcast: Movement Mortgage

Had a great time with these folks at their new location. Go see them!!!




Lake Loot


Q: 160, that’s about how many of these you’ll find in the average American home. What?

A: Books

Winner: Charles Palmisano from Slidell!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: According to the children’s story, which old man carved the puppet Pinocchio?

A: Geppetto

Winner: Alyssa Strain from Mandeville!


Q: This is a tough one but 1 in 5 women say THIS is their partner’s worst grooming habit. What is it?

A: Leaving wet towels on bed

Winner: Joy Maillet from Slidell!


Q: 1/4 of all men say they would NOT date someone if she has this. What is it?

A: A Twin

Winner: Michelle Mecom from Mandeville!


Q: The average woman waits 4 weeks before showing her new boyfriend THIS. What is it?

A: Her make-up free face

Winner: Amy Lindsly from Lacombe!

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