Thanks to our guests today: Vinnie and Gavin from Meribo, and Ronnie Simpson from St Tammany Parish Government.

Ronnie was here to remind everyone that hurricane season is upon us and he explained some of the implications for the parish after the tax renewals were rejected.





And we visited with Vinnie and Gavin from Meribo. These guys helped us out in our latest edition of Edge of the Lake Magazine. See that HERE. 








Q: Almost half of us who exercise have tried to improve our workouts by spending as much as $100 on this. What?

A: Headphones or earbuds

Winner: Cameron Caro from Bush!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: Ancient Romans are thought to have been the first to develop this marriage custom. What is it?

A: Wedding rings

Winner: Devan Richoux from Madisonville!


Q: What are “King Tides”?

A: King tides are the highest and lowest tides of the year. They happen when the earth, moon, and sun are as close to each other as possible in their respective orbits.

Winner: Kayla Richard from Mandeville!


Q: What is the most common color used in M & M candies?

A: Brown

Winner: Dylan Ma from Lacombe!


Q: Over 50% of people said a sign of true love is when you know this about your partner… What is it?

A: Knowing their online passwords

Winner: Bonnie Lucio from Mandeville!

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