Hey, this is Charles and I will NOT be on the radio this week. One year ago I did the show FROM my vacation in North Carolina. This year, Dave and Rick are helping me out but I wanted to share some of what I am up to. My daughter, Beth, wanted to go to Colorado for her senior trip. So, she brought a friend and my wife and I drove them out here. We’re in Snowmass. It i s beautiful. But everything else below here is about our trip out, which was a long haul….

Something about The Trip

States: On the trip out we went Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado. My wife and I noticed a trend as we took pics of each state sign. See if you can figure it out.

The first pic is one of the Mississippi Delta the morning we left… and my daughter…


We stopped to take a pic entering New Mexico, and my daughter…


And we stopped to get a pic entering Colorado. Here is my daughter… and her friend…


But, we have made it safely and my daughter is WELL rested.


On the ride out instead of noting car tags or playing other such games, we kept a list of the interesting animals we saw. The list goes, in order, a snake, (The biggest honking snake you have ever seen wiggling across Highway 61. The girls all screamed. I did, too.) a coyote, a skunk, deer, buffalo, elk, and a red fox. The buffalo were part of a huge operation below Westcliffe, Colorado, and came with signs imploring people NOT to take selfies with the buffalo that we saw right as we were getting out of the car.


Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset


Scary Stuff

We were  on our way back from a similar trip many years ago and decided to stop for the night in a small New Mexico town called Clayton. This town had the usual hotel chains but an older hotel downtown caught my eye. The Ecklund. Somebody famous, and bad, I think his name was Black Jack Ketchum, got his neck stretched right in front of the hotel. There are numerous pictures of the event to see around the lobby when you check in. And the place is kind of dark.

We got two rooms for my crew of six. Later that evening I was somewhat surprised to find a camera crew set up outside one of our rooms. Naturally, I asked them what was up. A woman named Irene had died many years before and now she liked to haunt the Eklund and, in particular, one of our rooms, which was the room where her body had been discovered. These were ghost-hunters. My kids were interviewed. No, they had not seen anything yet. Yes, it was very creepy! Wands that made weird noises were waved around. It was all good fun with our young family at 7 at night. By 10, while the hunters were still outside our door breathlessly whispering about Irene, and sticking the wands under our door, it wasn’t too cool. I ended up giving the keys to Irene’s room to the ghost-hunters and we bunked together. As I got my money back for the haunted room the manager swore about the dreaded ghost-hunters who flocked to the Eklund to meet Irene because it was bad for business. Which made me feel better about the whole thing until we walked out to the car and discovered chalk outlines of dead bodies that had been drawn overnight on the concrete beside our vehicle. It was like Disney World, with a noose.

Well, we got to revisit the Eklund on the ride out. We did not stay there because the timing wasn’t right. No word on what Irene has been up to, but look at the first pic from many years ago and you can see that my graduate was a little afraid…



Indy Pass

Finally, we came into Snowmass over Independence Pass. It is a road over some mountains where someone forgot the guardrails. And at the top, hard to believe as you read this in June in Louisiana, there was snow. Glad to be here. Glad Dave has my back. I’ll post a little more and plan to call in over the next few days. Have a great Monday!



Processed with VSCO with a4 preset


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