Greetings from Colorado. As I jot this down early Wednesday morning it is 42 degrees outside and sunny. The days warm up to the upper 70’s or low 80’s but it still gets plenty cool here at night.


What to do when you smell Pot?

My wife and I are not total goodie two-shoes but we do remark when we happen to smell pot. Which my wife did. Loudly, when she smelled it last night. It was our neighbor in the next unit over. He smiled and kept puffing on his joint. Legally. Because we are in Colorado….

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Hiking a bit…

Hiking fits our budget well. It is free, great exercise, and the views are fantastic. Yesterday we went to the Maroon Bells. Well, we hiked near them. The actual hike in to those peaks was more than we were willing to tackle. Still, the beauty of that place will not be reflected in my amateur  photos but here’s a look…



Where we are

Snowmass is the family friendly partner to Aspen. Every trip here reminds me of how hard it is to get here. But it is worth the effort. The summers are gorgeous here, and we have kind of slipped in before all the summer festivities, which means it is not as crowded. We are sleeping at around 7,000 feet, and hiking above that, which made for some short breaths as we got acclimated. And each room comes with a humidifier, which means I brought our humidity with me.

Hope all is well in LA. Talk to you soon.



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