Glad to back from Vacation today. No interviews but here are today’s winners.



Q: Hard to believe but 1 in 5 hotel workers say they found THIS left behind in one of the rooms. What is it?

A: Dentures

Winner: Kayla Gill from Lacombe!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: Name the 3 U.S. capital cities at the highest altitude above sea level?

A: SANTA FE, NM at 7,000 ft, Denver at 5,282 and Salt Lake City, UT 4,221

Winner: Mike Reynolds from Bay St Louis!


Q: 1 in 4 of us have been late for work because of THIS, and the number is only rising. What is it?

A: Forgetting their phone at home

Winner: Scott Kelly from Mandeville!


Q: This has made 1 in 3 men cry? What is it?

A: Their child being born

Winner: Amy Carrick from Covington!


Q: What do couples argue about the most while traveling together?

A: When to stop for the bathroom while on a roadtrip

Winner: Chelsey Edwards from Madisonville!

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