Charles on the Lake01



Thanks to Chief Tim Lentz for his monthly visit. He spoke the event that is featured below.





We also spoke with Dee and June from Volunteers of America about their “Volunteers Connections” event. It is coming up next Monday at Windsor Senior Living Center. Find out more below…





Also, Charles will be joining the folks at ST. Tammny Parish Library for a career event on Thursday. Here is the basic info…


Career Lecture Series mailchimp


And Yappy Hour for the St Tammany Humane Society is coming up…….



Yappy hour


Lake Loot


Q: The average American will spend $1,978 on this this year.

A: Summer Vacation

Winner: Ashley Miller from Pearl River!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: This is the first thing nearly 4 out of 5 women will do when they breakup with a guy… What is it?

A: They unfriend him on Facebook

Winner: Susan Hazard from Slidell!


Q: People were asked to describe their spouse in one word. “Sweet” was the number two most popular answer… What was #1?

A: Stubborn

Winner: Nicole Mick from Slidell!


Q: Many of us can’t imagine a morning without this, but it wasn’t even invented until the 1950s.  What?

A: Snooze alarm!

Winner: Brianna Schleicher from Mandeville!


Q: More than 50% of women have one of these in their purse right now.  What?

A: A mirror!

Winner: Megan Messenger from Mandeville!

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