Charles on the Lake01


Our “What’s in your purse?” winners are below…


Today our guests included Rhonda and Lacy with the St Tammany West Chamber of Commerce. They spoke a little about Southern Nights, which is sold out, and some of the other things the Chamber is up to. Find out more in the interview below.



food drive


And, Mayor Mike Cooper from the City of Covington stopped in to update us on roadwork projects and some events coming up in his city. Find out more in the interview below.





Loot Online Winner!!!

We got some great entries on FB and through email but decided to go with these two.


Our “Ready for Roadside Surgery” Winner



And our “Regular Salt and Pepper is for Whimps” Winner




Lake Loot


Q: 1 out of 4 people in a new survey say they have used the same one of these for over a decade.  What?

A: Password!

Winner: Chad Dyson from Madisonville!

7:15 Kids Loot

Q: Nearly 40 million Americans wear these every day.  2/3rds of them are women. What?

A: Contact lenses!

Winner: Jennifer Vaccaro from Covington!


Q: The average woman owns 3 of these by the time she turns 35.  What?

A: Bridesmaids dresses!

Winner: Barbara Rabion from Covington!


Q: 2/3 of all people in the world have never seen this.  What?

A: Snow!

Winner: Daniel Vaccaro from Covington!


Q: The average time for THIS right now, is 1:30 in the afternoon! What?

A:  It is the average time a kid tells parents they are bored during the Summer!

Winner: Josh Martin from Hammond!

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